Monday, August 19, 2013

Food Photography Workshop

It is very common nowadays to see people having their plate served to them in a restaurant and letting their food go cold just to take that obligatory food shot.  Well, if you can't lick them, might as well join them.  And since I'm guilty of it too, why not take print worthy pictures then.  You see my daughter used to take my food photos until she left for college.  So on October 2010, I joined a food photography workshop given by Joy Jesena-Barcelon.  Interesting as she actually taught us how to, among others, make do with common items that can give you that extra lighting you need, a flashlight!  Yes, you read it right, a flashlight! We're not professional photographers you know, so naturally we don't have any of their sophisticated equipment.  But you will be surprised at just how you can take good photos even without these.  Of course a good SLR camera will help although these were just taken with a Canon iXus but besides that, composition is really the key. Again, I was honored to have been asked to provide my salad rolls while the others provided dessert for us to shoot.

Fresh Vietnamese rolls

Fresh salad rolls with ground pork, water chestnuts and fresh basil
Fresh salad rolls with smoked milkfish, salted eggs, tomatoes and green onions

Lemon Bars by Veronica Singson de Tagle

Cream Puffs by Veronica Singson de Tagle

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