Monday, August 19, 2013

A wedding anniversary dinner for my dear sister

My sister and husband were not big on celebrating wedding anniversaries.  But having started my private dining in 2010, they decided to throw a small, intimate dinner just for family.  Hosting a private dinner for me is not just about the food.  It is a total experience. Leaning towards the arts, I must say I am a very visual person.  While taste is of utmost importance, everything should be pleasing to the eye. So a lot of attention to detail and an added personal touch goes with my style.

I remember very well my sister's wedding.  I was a pregnant sponsor and my only daughter then was a flower girl with a crown of little pink flowers.  In contrast to her very strong personality, her color motif was a very sweet, light pink -"blush" as it is referred to today.  I tried to recreate a very fresh and elegant atmosphere, choosing roses in "blush" coupled with a hand crafted menu that looked like an invitation card.

An elegant table setting brings back memories of their wedding

A virgin cocktail is a must! Orange pineapple spritzer with apples and fresh mint

Crostini with sun-dried tomatoes and chickpeas

Onion Soup

Chicken potato salad with mustard mayonnaise dressing

Grilled lamb chops with lemon spaghettini

Your choice of Bailey's or Limoncello chocolate mousse

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