Monday, August 19, 2013

An Ermita Christmas tradition dinner

"I can still remember Christmas eve in our family home in Ermita. I helped my mother prepare our annual holiday dinner since I was a child. I would mash sausages for her galantina until they were very fine, dice potatoes and cut chicken inch by inch and chop onions until tears fell from my eyes. Then I would mix them with other ingredients until my arms ached, careful not to mash them for that perfect chicken salad. I patiently drained each can of fruit cocktail and watched her prepare her own natilla, mix them together and crown her salad with swirls of cream and bright red cherries.

I took the challenge of recreating some of these family recipes, styling and plating the same dishes to brighten your visual and gustatory senses. I have recreated our family Christmas tradition dinner for you to experience and enjoy. I hope you do so as we have over the past many years."

I wrote this story to include on the left side of my menu booklet.  Again, it gives it a personal touch, something to transport you to the many years we enjoyed having this dinner.

Festive colors of orange and purple - a break from tradition

My hand crafted menu booklet shares our story

Chicken Galantina

Chicken potato salad with mustard mayonnaise dressing - a favorite!

My lighter version of Callos served with garlic and parsley bread

Lengua with mushrooms and capers now served in a puff pastry

Beef and eggplant lasagna

A lighter glazed fresh fruit salad with creamy natilla

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