Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Celebrate the Season of Love with a sprinkling of chocolate kisses and peppermint hearts!

Chocolate flavored coffee cupcake with buttercream icing and chocolate kisses, Peppermint flavored coffee cupcake with peppermint royal icing and heart sprinkles...

... packaged for your loved ones!


More new flavors to feast on.

Croquetas de Chorizo...potato croquetas filled with Spanish chorizo, rolled in bread crumbs and fried to a golden brown. Perfect for cocktails!

Grilled Sausage & Pepper Penne...penne pasta with grilled peppers and spicy Italian sausage in marinara sauce

Mini Lemon Cheesecake...single serve lemon cheesecake with fresh fruit on top of a swirl of whipped cream. A fine blend of sweet and tangy flavors!

Start the year healthy with...

Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls... a see through delicious salad roll dish served with nampla sauce or bean dipping sauce

Meet my signature dessert!

Liqueur flavored mini Chocolate Mousse on a graham cracker crust... bittersweet chocolate mousse with Cointreau or Creme de Menthe and semi-sweet chocolate mousse with Kahlua. Absolutely sinful!

... available in gift package too!

I'll introduce you to it at the Legaspi Sunday Market beginning February 3, 2007.

Enjoy your coffee cupcakes with the yuletide flavors of peppermint, gingerspice, hazelnut and amaretto...

... elegantly packaged for gift giving!


A heady aroma wafts through your nose… truly inviting. You wrap your hands around its cup, take a sip and feel its warmth tingle inside your body. It awakens your senses yet it soothes you. Hmmm… Coffee, I just love it. I have now turned it into my comfort food… flavored coffee cupcakes. Can I offer you one?

Now you can enjoy your favorite flavored coffee in a cupcake… its moist texture melting in your mouth as you sink your teeth into it, its creamy icing lining your lips leaving a hint of flavor sprinkled on top of it …orange, banana, coconut, chocolate mint and more to come.

Sipping coffee while pouring through books, brainstorming through meetings or just simply bonding with friends has become part of our lifestyle. Cafes have sprouted in almost every corner bringing coffee aficionados together. Will its offshoot be as phenomenal as the barista prepared concoction? The answer lies in your hands. Flavored coffee cupcakes… Anyone?

Orange coffee cupcake with orange butter icing, sprinkled with orange zest and cinnamon

Banana coffee cupcake with banana butter icing topped with banana candy

Coconut coffee cupcake with coconut butter icing, sprinked with dessicated coconut

Chocolate mint coffee cupcake with choco mint butter icing, sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles

Italian, Mediterranean, Asian... whatever your choice, you get only the best!

Paella... cooked the traditional Spanish way. Loaded with clams, mussels, squid, fish & chicken fillet, and Spanish chorizo. Prawns may be added too.

Fusilli with garlic, tomatoes, feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes... Overload! Best with parmesan cheese.

Spaghettini with crab fat & caviar... for the more sophisticated taste, topped with caviar and a squeeze of lemon

Spaghettini with crab fat & garlic... for a local flavor, topped with toasted garlic and a squeeze of our local calamansi

Baked Spaghetti... spaghetti with ground beef and bacon baked with cream of mushroom sauce and melt in your mouth cheese!

Whet your appetite with little bits of flavor!

Adobo Wrap... tortilla filled with adobo, tomato and red egg on lettuce

Mini Pizzas... cocktail pizzas slathered with home made pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese. Your choice of mushroom & pepperoni, and black olives & anchovies

Savour the aroma; play with your senses
Feast your eyes on the freshest produce
bright colored vegetables
and most exotic herbs

Savour the aroma; gather your ingredients
as you challenge your smell
Imagine the flavors
coming to fusion

Savour the aroma; tickle your taste buds
with the most unusual blends
Forget the measurements
just give in to your taste

Savour the aroma; feel the different textures
rolling in your mouth
the coarseness of fresh herbs
mixing with a soft, creamy base

Savour the aroma; combine the four senses
Play with colors, flavors and textures
Fill your empty stomach
with smells hanging in the air

Now, savour the aroma!