Friday, September 06, 2013

A White Christmas collection

A white Christmas is associated with images of snow filled holidays. For me, it evokes elegance. For the year 2011, I produced a limited line of food and gift items, all enveloped in white. Packaged in the same color with touches of gold and silver, they were simply elegant.

Creme de Menthe chocolate truffles with white candy sprinkles

in silver boxes with white and gold ribbon

White bean dip with Italian parsley and pita chips with oregano

packaged in white serving dish and tureen with hand made embossed serving instruction cards

Starburst cupcakes - chocolate cupcakes with chocolate glaze and mint flavored buttercream frosting

and Smoked Salmon Cake - layered bread cake with salmon and capers wrapped in cream cheese, cucumber and caviar for that special Christmas eve dinner

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