Thursday, September 05, 2013

A very special private dinner for two

You'll never know what you can do unless you just do it!

On November 20, 2011 with much hesitation, I prepared a very special private dinner for my aunt and her husband who were visiting in Manila. Not only were they to attend a wedding, they too were celebrating their first wedding anniversary. So what could be more special than a surprise private dinner in their own studio apartment they rented for their stay.

Going back to the planning stages, I received an email message from my aunt asking if I could do this for her. As I had not done any dinner outside my home since I started my private dining, I politely declined. Not wanting to take no for an answer, she told me to think about it as she really wanted to surprise her husband. As this was something new to me I wanted to make sure there would be no hitches, so off I went to my first task, an ocular inspection of the studio unit. Okay, this could be done I thought to myself but keeping in mind that this was their first wedding anniversary, I wanted to give the couple privacy while having their meal.

There was just no way this could happen in a small studio unit. Voicing out my concern to my aunt, again she wouldn't take no for an answer and found a solution to this. I could use the kitchen of another unit in the same building that another wedding guest had booked. Sounds easy enough but the unit was on another floor. But by this time, I had already agreed to do it so everything was in my hands now. I had to find a way to access both units easily. You see, all residents and guests could go only to their floors with their elevator cards. I could have borrowed from both of them but I was able to get a one day elevator pass that could get me to both floors. Little did I know that I would still have to go down to the lobby each time I went to the other floor!

But no worries, if that was the only way, then it will be done! Having figured this out, I set out to do the rest of the planning. I did a mock set-up and chose a three course menu that was quite easy to execute. I personally selected music that would be compiled in a disc as a souvenir together with a box of home made chocolate truffles. I chose every single item that would contribute to the ambience, from flowers to candles and created a personalized welcome card.

On November 20, 2011 while the couple was out all afternoon, I beautifully set up a table for two, created a lovely ambience and delivered the rest of my equipment to the other kitchen above.  At 7:00 pm, the couple walked into their unit and with that, my aunt called me down.  Seeing her husband in tears, I knew that this would be a very special evening.

Yes, I did it and to my own surprise, I was able to pull it off.

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