Wednesday, January 31, 2007


A heady aroma wafts through your nose… truly inviting. You wrap your hands around its cup, take a sip and feel its warmth tingle inside your body. It awakens your senses yet it soothes you. Hmmm… Coffee, I just love it. I have now turned it into my comfort food… flavored coffee cupcakes. Can I offer you one?

Now you can enjoy your favorite flavored coffee in a cupcake… its moist texture melting in your mouth as you sink your teeth into it, its creamy icing lining your lips leaving a hint of flavor sprinkled on top of it …orange, banana, coconut, chocolate mint and more to come.

Sipping coffee while pouring through books, brainstorming through meetings or just simply bonding with friends has become part of our lifestyle. Cafes have sprouted in almost every corner bringing coffee aficionados together. Will its offshoot be as phenomenal as the barista prepared concoction? The answer lies in your hands. Flavored coffee cupcakes… Anyone?

Orange coffee cupcake with orange butter icing, sprinkled with orange zest and cinnamon

Banana coffee cupcake with banana butter icing topped with banana candy

Coconut coffee cupcake with coconut butter icing, sprinked with dessicated coconut

Chocolate mint coffee cupcake with choco mint butter icing, sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles


sansrival said...

Everything seems so delicious. I will go to Makati when I have time. However, during Christmas seasons, we usually give our friends and relatives, I suggest that you come up with boxes of 12 so that we can buy and give to more people.

sansrival said...
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